Partnerships are Vital
September 2022

By Brian Stout, a member of SEND’s Croatia | Europe team 

Partnerships are so important, whether a spouse, family, church, financial, prayer, or ministry partner.  About 20 years ago we took the plunge to go into full-time ministry. It was exciting! It was scary! What were we getting ourselves into?  Faith based ministry?  No way!  We must be out of our minds!  But the Lord led us step by step. He gave us His peace and strength for each day. Yet, we needed finances to eat, drink, and pay the bills so that we could be involved in full-time ministry. Were we crazy?  YES! But God calls us to do crazy things for His glory!   

It was during this plunge that we discovered that partnerships are so important in missions! I still remember one family getting behind us in prayer and financial support as we started off in ministry in those early days with young kids. I was so encouraged as this family said that when they got a pay increase, we also got a pay increase. They were very generous to us. As we had more kids, they continued to support us generously with clothes, monthly support, prayer, hospitality, and a very close friendship. We felt honored, blessed, and realized that partnerships are vitally important.   

We cannot do missions without partnerships. We cannot do missions without those who sacrificially and generously give of themselves so that we can go to the world and tell others about hope in Jesus Christ! 

God truly uses partnership to accomplish His work in His world. If you already partner with a missionary, thank you for being one of those crucial partners in their life! We need you! We are thankful for you!

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