The Wall Came Tumbling Down
August 2022

By Akiko Fujishima, a member of SEND’s Japan | Asia team 

When they were demolishing the building next to our apartment, one of the concrete walls came down and tore down the sidewall of our apartment. It felt as if an earthquake had hit. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the interior didn’t look as if it was damaged. After almost five months of waiting, the management company finally moved forward with repairs. There is going to be major repair work so they have asked my husband and I to temporarily move out.

Although the insurance company is going to pay for the expenses incurred by this move, a move is a move and we were really frustrated. I was especially having a bad attitude about it and was whining, “Why do we have to move out? Do we have to pack EVERYTHING?” 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend loaned me a book called Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt, and this is what I read recently:

“…He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live (Acts 17:26). God designed the exact set of circumstances through which we are living at any given moment. This is the place, the time, and the situation that God wants me to use for His glory.” 

Wow! It was as if I had been hit by a hammer! As I looked at our situation from God’s perspective, I stopped whining and am now looking forward to where and whom God is leading us to reach.

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