In uncertain times, people’s hearts open to the hope Jesus offers
December 2020

By Michelle Atwell, US Director — As I write, my kids are both huddled in different corners of the house, doing school via Zoom. I am in my home office where I have spent most of my working hours in 2020. My church is meeting but we wear masks and we don’t share hugs. 

Life has looked very different this year. I often find myself wondering which of the many changes we’ve made will last. What will go back to normal and what will become the new norm? 

One thing that is not different? The need for the changeless gospel in this changing world. 

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As the pandemic upends life around the globe, 3 billion unreached people flounder like ships in a storm, not knowing that Jesus can be the anchor for their souls. But often, as they face these traumatic events, they become more open to spiritual things. And when, in their openness, they encounter the Christian witness of SEND missionaries, they stand ready to accept the unchanging gospel.

Yes, these are challenging times. But these are also times of great opportunity to draw people to Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That’s why I am so grateful for the many SEND missionaries who, in spite of the uncertainty, have chosen to stay on the field, faithfully witnessing about their unchanging God. 

Something else that won’t change is our need for each other. Hannah Munnerlyn, one of our missionaries in Japan, wrote:

The shoulders that I stand upon to do ministry here are the shoulders of so many strong people back home. I would not be able to stand here without you, and it is such a privilege to partner with you, especially in a time where presence in country seems all the more important. 

Hannah and SEND’s 500 other missionaries bring God’s presence to lost people because generous donors like you share their unwavering commitment to the changeless gospel. 

These missionaries also need the unwavering support of SEND’s US Office to help them thrive, especially in these challenging times. They need encouragement, coaching, training, family support, counseling, leadership, and prayer—all of which our staff members provide. My team may be working remotely, but that has not kept them from providing the very best service to your missionaries. 

You can help us continue that service. Your gift to SEND helps ensure that your missionaries have what they need, when they need it. It means they can focus on sharing unchanging hope with their neighbors, instead of worrying about logistics. 

Remember, folks in the US are eligible for a $300 tax credit for charitable donations this year, even if they don’t itemize. 

Every dollar you give provides unwavering support to missionaries who share the changeless gospel in a changing world. Please give today at

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Michelle Atwell
Michelle Atwell serves as the US Director and CEO of SEND US. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two kids.