Cherry growers surprised by grace
November 2015

“I didn’t know this was a Christian camp. I thought it was just an English camp. I think I like that it is both. I think that maybe God’s finger is on me being here today.” 

Charlie* and his wife, Wendy*, are grandparents and farmers who own a cherry orchard in southern Poland. One day, while Charlie was going for a walk, he was invited to an English camp by the camp director. He had a day off of work, so Charlie decided to attend the camp and brought his wife and grandchildren as well.

That day during the Bible study, Charlie and Wendy heard the gospel for the very first time. April McDonald, SEND missionary to Poland, said, “It was the very first time they had ever heard that a person can’t earn their salvation by doing good works and being perfect, but that Christ died for all of our sins and if we choose to follow him as our Lord and Savior, then we are saved.”

Charlie and Wendy listened with rapt attention as one of the Polish Christians in their group opened her Bible and shared her testimony. They had never read the Bible for themselves and were surprised to find out what it said. During Communist times, Charlie had attended religion classes at school and had gone to Mass, so he thought he was saved. He was never told to read the Bible for himself.

Charlie enjoyed the camp so much that he took a second day off of work to attend. He soaked in the Bible study and while he wasn’t ready to make a decision, he left camp motivated to learn more about Christ, carrying with him a copy of John, Romans, and Psalms in Polish.

Wendy attended all eight days of camp. On the last day, after a week of great conversations and studying the Bible, she prayed a heartfelt prayer to receive Christ’s salvation. Before she left, she expressed just how much joy she has now to be a Christian and how excited she is to begin this new chapter in her life. Praise God for our sister in Christ!

Millions of people in Europe remain unreached, whether they are lost in a post-Christian world or are recent immigrants from countries closed to the gospel witness. Learn more about SEND’s teams in Europe. 

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*Not their real names


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