Christmas gifts for missionaries (for any budget)
December 2014
  1. Sing them a Christmas carol over Skype. Who wouldn’t love a personal concert? And then stick around for a nice chat. Cost: Free! 
  2. Have your Sunday School class sign and send a Christmas card. Or send a whole stack of cards from different groups at your church. 
  3. Send them a personal gift. The mission agency won’t be able to process personal financial gifts, so ask your missionary where you can send a check. Gift cards to Amazon also work in many places.   
  4. Celebrate "second Christmas." Orthodox countries, like Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine, celebrate Christmas on January 7.
  5. Increase their support—a gift that keeps giving year-round!
  6. Find a great Christmas book for their kids and send them the ebook. What’s one of your favorites?
  7. Give to a ministry project they are involved in. Look at recent newsletters to find the projects and how to give. 


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