A Hakka woman finds help
May 2014

My name is June* and I live in Taiwan.

As a Hakka, I used to worship my ancestors and the idols at the temple. Ancestors are very, very important to us. To worship them, we light incense twice a day at the altar in our house. We also prepare their favorite foods to leave at the altar during important festivals and holidays. And on major holidays, the family all gets together to remember the ancestors and visit the ancestor tablet. When a relative dies, their name is engraved on the tablet so their spirit can live there.

But idols and ancestors cannot be in the same place. So to worship the idols, we go to the temple, usually on the first and fifteenth of every month. Typically, we enter, burn incense, and then state our name, where we live, and why we’re there. If we have a particular yes or no question, we can throw dice to get an answer from the gods. But if we have different kinds of questions, we draw lots which are sticks with different messages written on them. After we draw the lot, we get the interpretation of its meaning from the temple guide.

Once when I was in a serious relationship, I went to the temple to ask whether or not I should get married. I drew the stick with the message on it and asked the temple guide what it meant. He told me that I had pulled the best possible result and that I would have a very good marriage.

So I did get married. But after only seven years, my husband died from cancer. At the time, I also had a son with special needs.

So there I was, my husband had just died, and my son was really struggling in school. I needed help.

I started talking to my cousin who was a Christian. I told her about my son’s issues, that he couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t study, and I asked her, “What am I going to do?” She told me to go to the church and find a volunteer to help him, tutor him, and read with him. So I went to a church and sought help from the pastor.

At the same time, I met a missionary couple from Switzerland and got to learn more about Christianity.

One day, there was a major earthquake. I was by myself with two young children and I was terrified. I called out to every god I could think of but nothing helped. But I also remembered Jesus and called out to him too.

After that, I started to pray regularly. I prayed at night when I went to bed and I was afraid. I called out to Jesus to help me, to let me have peace and sleep. And I remember that I would wake up with a smile on my face because I knew that Jesus was with me and that he helped me.

People from the church started to visit me and bring me to church. Gradually, I learned more and more about Christianity and came to trust Jesus as my Savior. Six months later, I was baptized. I was so joyful and knew that Jesus loved me!

Still, the problem with my son was not resolved. He was unable to manage his emotions. From first grade to junior high was torture. Sometimes I would get so mad at him, I wanted to kill him. It even affected my job and I couldn’t get my work done.

But I believed that Jesus would help my son, so I continued to pray and just hang in there.

During that time, I would sometimes bring him to church but he could not sit still. Then one day, he did sit through a service. And from then on, he was able to sit still and be quiet!

Now, he has graduated high school. And he accepted Christ and was baptized! Praise the Lord!

God has blessed me in many other ways too. My father also came to know Christ and was baptized. And God gave me a job so that I can support my whole family.

I am especially burdened for other Hakka. I hope that God will move them and that many will come to know Him. I also hope that my family, especially my mom, will come to know Christ.

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*Not her real name


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