Missionary photo contest 2020: COVID-19 category
January 2021
What a year we’ve all experienced—and as our missionaries lived through it, many of them documented moments both momentous and mundane. Our SEND Missionary Photo Contest highlights these amazing images. This year’s contest called for a new category to reflect the way the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our lives and ministries.

Woman looking through window of mask store in Hong Kong
First place: We all wear masks

Photo by Enoch Lam, East Asia Sending Council mobilizer, Hong Kong

If we are looking for something to represent COVID-19, it must be a mask. At present, the supply of masks in Hong Kong is very sufficient, and different styles of have been launched. Though Hong Kong is really rich in resources, there are also many low-income groups who use a mask for two or three days. This photo hopes to capture that contrast.  

Missionary making cards for friends with whom she can’t meet because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Second place: Thinking of you 

Photo by Dave Barkman, church planting in Japan

When COVID hit, our Cherry Ladies English class had to stop meeting for a time. Our yearly cherry blossom viewing also was canceled, and we were all so disappointed. I found some pretty cherry blossom stickers at the 100 yen store (like a dollar store) and with them, decorated cards and wrote notes to the ladies. Instead of mailing them, I walked to their homes to deliver them. When each lady answered the door, I had something to give her, but even more importantly, it gave us a perfect chance to visit one on one. The ladies were lonely and really enjoyed the visit, probably more than the card! — Caption by Eileen Barkman

Zoom screen with unstable internet warning

Third place: Unstable times

Photo by Dave Benzel, Bible teacher in Ukraine

I have been teaching these Kyiv Theological Seminary students for the last few years, and this class (38 hours over 5 days) really went well in spite of the difficulties. This was our first experience with a Zoom class, back in April when the quarantine had just gone into effect. Thankfully there were few technical problems, but every now and then I would get the dreaded “connection unstable” message. I have had to make some significant changes to my teaching methods since moving to an online format. But the content (God's joyous Good News) doesn't change and can be communicated in many different ways. I am constantly amazed that students from all over the country continue to give up their time to listen to this foreigner talk about God and his great promises. We hope soon to see many Ukrainians sent out to other parts of the world to teach others the same life-giving truths. 

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