Missionary photo contest 2020: People winners
January 2021
What a year we’ve all experienced—and as our missionaries lived through it, many of them documented moments both momentous and mundane. Our SEND Missionary Photo Contest highlights these amazing images. Today’s People winners remind us that, around the world, billions of beautiful people of all ages and nationalities have yet to hear of the love of Christ.

a young girl in a purple headscarf in southeast asia
First place: Covered in prayer

Photo by CG, Southeast Asia

We met this little girl two years ago when her mother brought her and her siblings to our team's one-day medical clinic in her village. The mother was suffering from an infection and did not have access to medical care.

During our counseling time before seeing the doctor, the mother shared that she also suffers with occasional demonic oppression. We prayed with her and shared with her the stories in Luke where Jesus has power over demons. This girl sat on my lap as I prayed over her mother.

This past February, this girl, with her family, returned to the medical clinic. The mother has been well and wanted us to pray over her children. This little girl found comfort with our team and was by my side throughout the day.

An elderly fisherman repairs his nets in Alaska

Second place: Preparing for the catch 

Photo by MH, church planting in Alaska

This man is one of the few in our region who still puts fishing nets together and mends them. Salmon fishing on the Yukon River is an essential survival practice in our area.

A young girl, seen from the back, looks at artwork in Asia.

Third place: Envisioning the possibilities 

Photo by ML, Global Chinese Ministries

On vacation in East Asia, I noticed this little girl standing still, enchanted by a painting at a science education center. The painting depicts the first female mathematician. 

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