Medical missions: Building pillars of trust
November 2018

Muslims are people who care earnestly about loving God.

Despite this commonality, Muslims and Christians often are separated by a great chasm. A river fueled by of centuries of conflict, distrust and discrimination on both sides roars through the chasm.

How do we bring a message of truth, of love, of hope to a people who won’t listen to us because of our history? We need to build trust.

So Team Hope builds pillars in this great chasm. These pillars of trust grow as we live among Muslim peoples, showing them the physical, tangible love of Jesus.

  • Literacy lessons for ladies who have never learned to read. Each sentence, a stone.
  • Quail and mushroom projects for struggling young farmers. More stones.
  • Computer lessons for young people. Every keystroke, another stone.

The free medical clinics that Team Hope brings to impoverished communities each January have already formed strong pillars of trust. Some Muslim spiritual leaders, who have habitually and consistently opposed the spiritual work of Team Hope, come to be seen as patients at the clinics.

Medical clinic in Southeast Asia
As a result of the once-a-year clinics, new programs and close relationships are thriving in Muslim communities where there was once nothing but opposition and suspicion. Where people have not been open to the message of the gospel, they have been open to a messenger who is meeting felt needs in love.

These pillars of trust support the narrow path—the message, the proclamation, the truth of who Jesus is.

“I’m trying to develop trust,” one of our workers says, “because they will not really understand the gospel, they will not believe you, unless you have earned their trust.”

Elderly patient at medical clinic in Southeast Asia
Planning is under way for Team Hope’s next medical outreach. Over the course of one very intense week, volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses will care for at least 1,600 people in four communities.

Yes, each person’s vitals will be checked—but even more vitally, each person will be prayed for in the name of Jesus. They will come to be seen for a physical need, and they will leave with both their physical and spiritual needs addressed.

God is at work in Asia like at no other point in history! Learn more about SEND’s teams in Asia.

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