Going on a short-term trip? Here's your must-read (and must-watch) list
June 2018

Two questions to ask before a short-term trip — A solid answer to “why go” builds the foundation for a quick ministry with eternal results. (Blog post)

Six tips for short-term trips — Strategies that can help visitors observe without offending. (Blog post)

D House offers a true taste of missionary life — In just 12 weeks, interns glimpse the realities of cross-cultural ministry in Japan. (Blog post)

Standards of Excellence in Short-term Missions — Individuals, agencies, churches and schools have come together and developed nationally derived 7 Standards of Excellence (SOE) for all types of short-term projects. (Web site)

Global Missions Podcast “Standards of Excellence in Short-term Missions” — Don Johnson describes the 7 Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions. “If any one of those three groups (senders, goers and hosts) feels exploited, I don’t think God’s honored by that, and I wouldn’t classify that as successful. … I think God measures success in empowered, changed lives.” (Podcast)

Short-term Mission Trip or Voluntourism? — SEND’s Canadian Director explores the core difference between a short term mission trip and ‘voluntourism.’ (Video) 

Three Questions to Ask after a Short-term Missions Trip — An excellent short-term mission assures evaluation, debriefing and appropriate follow-through for all participants. (Video)

Identifying Cross-Cultural Gifting — Seventeen characteristics to look for during a short-term trip that can indicate a readiness for ongoing cross-cultural ministry. (PDF)

Preparing for a Short-term Mission Trip: What Nationals Wish You Knew — Frank feedback from Mexican believer who has interacted with many short-term teams. (Blog article)

Global Missions Podcast “Social Media and Short-term Missions” — The practical steps one church took to boost prayer for its short-term trips. (Podcast)

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