Better than any souvenir: After time in New York, woman takes the gospel back home
February 2018

In New York City, SEND International partners with International Project to engage the unreached. International Project team members have been praying that God would lead them to believers among unreached people groups. They want to offer encouragement and training so that these believers can reach out to their own people with the gospel. Sometimes these prayers seem impossible — after all these groups are considered “unreached” for a reason! But the team has seen God answer in amazing ways. They shared one of those stories in a recent newsletter:

Two team members were walking among small shops and neighborhoods in the outskirts of New York City, exploring new areas, when they stopped to chat to several men outside of a West African dressmaking shop. As they talked, a West African woman passed by and directly asked, “What are you sharing with these men?” 

Slightly surprised by the directness of her question, and unsure why she was so interested, our team member answered that they were sharing the gospel, and had some Bibles for the men to look at as well if they would like. The woman, Awa,* exclaimed that she also has a Bible, and expressed how glad she was to hear that someone was sharing about it here among her people.

Our team members learned that Awa is a believer from a predominantly Muslim area in West Africa where people have very little access to the gospel. Awa shared about her heart for reaching her own people and her plans to return to her home country for a long visit. 

Our team members started meeting regularly with Awa, encouraging her in her faith and training her in different ways to minister and see churches planted among her people. Awa was inspired to hear that God is already moving among many Muslim communities. When our team members encouraged Awa that she could be a part of that, she replied, “It’s not about me, and it’s not about you. But if I can just do one more thing for God, I want to do that.” 

Back in her home country, Awa visited a village and starting meeting regularly with six Muslim women to talk about God’s Word, using an oral Bible study approach that she learned from our team members. We continue to stay in touch with Awa. Please pray with us that God will work powerfully in the hearts of these women and their families as they learn God’s Word and hear Awa’s testimony of faith in Jesus. Pray that Awa will be encouraged to persevere in faith and will continue on in her humble desire to serve God and minister to her people!

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