For Pastors and Church Leaders

You want to lead your church well in fulfilling her role in global missions, to ensure that the giving, going, sending and partnering are truly making an eternal impact. Oftentimes, mission discussions are relegated to the leaders of mission organizations but we believe God has chosen local churches, like yours, to be primary in his global redemptive plan. Pastors and church leaders are global mission strategists and we want to help you lead well. 

Church as Mission is a free series of monthly, live conversations about contemporary mission topics specifically designed to serve you as pastor or church leader. Each session will focus on understanding the topic well while providing tangible and practical tools for you and your church.

Scheduled Conversations

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Finish the mission or establish healthy churches? Dr. Matt Bennett
Guest: Dr. Matt Bennett - Bio

October 27, 11:00 AM (Eastern)

Are we driven to finish the great commission? How might mission motivations deviate from a healthy theological foundation and lead to unbiblical mission methods? How should right beliefs equip us as church leaders to both motivate our members to live out the great commission while also ensuring we are not practically deviating from core, biblical theology in our mission activities and partnerships?


A Healthy Local Church Mission Strategy
Dr. Scott Logsdon
Taking time to clarify convictions, values and goals will lead to long-term, healthy sending, partnering and supporting
Guest: Dr. Scott Logsdon


November 10, 1:00 PM (Eastern)

There is no shortage of opportunities for local churches to choose for their mission investments and efforts. While many of these opportunities represent great kingdom work, deciding what’s best for your and long term gospel impact can be overwhelming. This conversation will provide a framework to help every church, no matter the size, develop and maintain an intentional and healthy global mission strategy.

Unity in your church catalyzes global mission impact Lori McDaniel
Guest: Lori McDaniel


December 1, 11:00 AM (Eastern)

Hostility in the church discredits our message and derails our mission. The early church struggled with this too. Paul basically exhorted the early church that it was unity in their diversity that brings God glory — there’s a difference between multicultural and intercultural. As the primary means of fulfilling Christ's commission, your church's unity has global and eternal implications.

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