SEND International, an evangelical mission agency, was started as Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (FEGC) shortly after World War II by a group of young men and women. Many of these had, as enlisted soldiers, been involved in gospel meetings from Australia to Manila to Tokyo. After the war, they returned to Asia, burdened for the spiritual needs of the Filipinos and Japanese.

The early years of FEGC were marked by rapid growth and expansion into new areas in the Philippines and Japan. In the 1960’s, FEGC missionaries moved into Taiwan and in 1971, Central Alaskan Mission, with its multi-faceted ministries in Alaska, merged with FEGC. In 1981, FEGC became SEND International to better represent the geographic scope of the mission. In 1986, SEND missionaries began work in Spain, followed by new ministry in Hong Kong in 1988. Starting in the 1990s, SEND expanded into Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, East Asia, and Central Asia.

From the very beginning, SEND International members were international and interdenominational. Coming from many evangelical church backgrounds, they agreed on fundamental doctrines and sought to proclaim the gospel together, discipling new believers and establishing churches that would best meet the needs of each new culture.