International Council

SEND’s International Council is what might in some organizations be called a Board of Directors. The International Council is a body of elected or appointed members from around the world who jointly govern in policy matters of a global nature and strategic vision to SEND. The Council consists of twelve voting members, plus all regional directors as non-voting members. Eight of the voting members are non-salaried (at least six from councils of sending countries), and four are elected SEND members.
What Do They Do?
The basic governance tasks of International Council are:
  1. To identify the contribution SEND will make in the church and the world (i.e. its mission, its goals, and the ends it exists to achieve).
  2. To establish principles and articulate core values that will be observed in carrying out the work of the mission.
    1. Approve overall international objectives, and review the course of the mission and factors affecting its progress. Review and approve long-range planning and coordinate Mission resources.
    2. Establish and maintain Mission policy of a global nature. If such policy changes the nature of the Mission, as stated in its Constitution; such changes will be submitted to the Mission membership for ratification.
    3. Receive Regional reports in order to ensure that the affairs of regional and area operations are conducted in a manner consistent with the Mission‘s Constitution, Principles and Policies.
    4. Authorize the Articles of Incorporation of new areas and constitute new areas.
    5. Take action necessary and consistent with its function to fulfill its objectives.
    6. Approve mergers with other organizations.
    7. Appoint the International Director.
    8. Provide spiritual leadership and prayer support for SEND‘s international operations.
Who Are Its Members?
Rev. Warren Janzen SEND International
International Director
Mr. Richard Bernard Lighthouse Insurance Group 
Commercial Account Executive 
Dr. Charles Cook Canadian Council
Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives– Ambrose University
Mrs. LG Southeast Asia
Ms. ML China
Mrs. Deborah Davis Spain
Mr. Philip Jackson Europe Regional Director
Mr. Jon Eckstein Asia Regional Director
Rev. Carl Kresge Eurasia Regional Director
Mr. John Wicker North America Regional Director
Ms. Isabel Lee US Council
Mr. Stephen K. L. Lee East Asia Sending Council, Hong Kong
Mr. Jovanni Templonuevo Philippine Sending Council, Manila