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Making disciples among the unreached




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Help a Great Mission!

     Many of you know I went to Croatia this summer for missions. I can't begin to describe my gratitude for this opportunity! It was exactly what I needed for healing and growth. I returned to America more confident in my leadership style and closer to my heavenly father! I also gained family around the world that will support me in my life's mission.

     Leadership Lab International (LLI) is a discipleship mission that helps the next generation get ready for their responsibilities as young adults and as children of God! Steve Meeker and the rest of the team have set out a vision to build better housing for the LLI team. Because I spent the summer there, I know this will help the students grow closer and learn to live more as a family unit while working for the kingdom. 

     I'm so excited to watch God work through people around the world! He is deeply rooted in the works of the DPB house, especially Leadership Lab International!




Also, right now there is a $20,000 matching grant which would double your donation! 


God created missionaries and supporters; both are equally a part of and needed for the mission. 

                                                                              2 Corinthians 9:7

LLI Cabin


Leadership Lab International (A ministry of SEND International and Scripture Union) has trained young leaders from 17 different nations since 2014. These young adults learn to serve on multicultural ministry and church planting teams in an experiential learning, mentored environment.

As LLI grows from a Christian Summer Abroad program to a year-round camp and training center for outreach, relational discipleship and servant leadership development a need has emerged to add facilities enabling students, interns and missions participants to live at the DPB House Camp and Training Center throughout the year.

Your partnership makes it possible to build the LLI Cabin and to train young leaders to serve in our Lord’s kingdom work around the world. Currently, we are seeking financial resources to implement steps to move the ministry through the necessary phases to make this change.

Additionally, this new facility will provide adequate housing for our growing teen CREW discipleship training, Outdoor Education for schools and a stand-alone rental space to help subsidize ministry costs and provide adequate lodging for larger groups the DPB House community serves.

Thank you for considering joining the team in order to make the LLI Cabin a reality!

Click here to watch Daniel's story at LLI.

Total cost: $40,000


Donate Now »
Name Amount Date Comment
Private $100.00 Oct 01st, 2017
Private $100.00 Oct 03rd, 2017 Looking forward to seeing this vision become a reality!
Joan North $1,027.50 Oct 06th, 2017 Love the family and all they are doing for Jesus.
Emma Berge $500.00 Oct 07th, 2017
Daniel Brooks $10.00 Oct 13th, 2017 Why wouldn’t I.
Private $1,027.50 Oct 18th, 2017
Private $60.00 Oct 22nd, 2017
Private $115.08 Oct 31st, 2017 May God continue to provide! Rejoicing with you in how much He has provided so far.
Private $61.65 Nov 28th, 2017 GivingTuesday
Private $100.00 Nov 28th, 2017 #GivingTuesday Praying God uses this day to help LLI get closer to building a cabin.
Marc McKay $1,027.50 Nov 28th, 2017 1 Cor 3:9 We love that giving allows us to be small partners in God's work! Blessings to all involved!
Saritha Petthongpoon $102.75 Nov 28th, 2017 GO LLI! We pray that the Lord will richly bless this project for His glory! Love, Michael & Saritha.
Erika S Rice $25.69 Nov 28th, 2017
Private $30.83 Nov 29th, 2017
Private $205.50 Nov 30th, 2017 May God provide all the donations for the matching grant to be reached in full!
Ronald Beidelman $1,027.50 Nov 30th, 2017 May the Lord continue to grow this ministry.
Zane Jansone $50.00 Dec 14th, 2017
Mike Martens $61.65 Dec 14th, 2017
Private $20.55 Dec 26th, 2017 Merry Christmas to all at LLI! Look forward to seeing God provide the matching funds!
Private $20.55 Dec 28th, 2017 May God bless this project!
Private $308.25 Dec 28th, 2017
Maria Helweg $2,055.00 Dec 28th, 2017
Private $102.75 Dec 30th, 2017 May the vision for an LLI Cabin become a reality in 2018!
Private $100.00 Jan 06th, 2018 Encouraged to see the progress. Praying with everyone for continued provision.
Private $308.25 Jan 18th, 2018 May God continue to use the DPB House and the LLI program in transforming lives for His glory! Rejoicing with you in what He has done so far! May He continue to further the ministry and it's a privilege to be apart of it all!
Private $102.75 Feb 01st, 2018 Looking forward to seeing the pictures of this project being built!
Private $50.00 Feb 06th, 2018
Private $50.00 Feb 13th, 2018 Gift of Love!
Private $50.00 Feb 17th, 2018 Gift of Love!
Private $61.65 Feb 17th, 2018
Anna Adamkiewicz $61.65 Feb 19th, 2018 For God's glory. I believe God will use it in mighty ways at the DPB House as He has used this place in mighty ways already!
Private $100.00 Feb 28th, 2018 Praying with the LLI Community that the matching grant is met in full!
Private $513.75 Mar 08th, 2018
Private $200.00 Mar 19th, 2018 Trusting God with you that He will provide in full!
Roger Thompson $300.00 Mar 22nd, 2018 What a joy to know the Lord multiplies all investments in his kingdom
Private $250.00 Mar 28th, 2018 Continuing to pray with you for our Lord to provide all the funding needed to build the LLI Cabin.
Private $102.75 Apr 09th, 2018 Praising God for this ministry!
Private $50.00 Apr 15th, 2018
Private $100.00 Apr 27th, 2018 May God continue to expand His ministry in Croatia and beyond and provide LLI with all the funds needed for this project. To God alone be the glory!
Private $308.25 Apr 27th, 2018
Kevin Westlund $51.38 Apr 28th, 2018
Źródło Życia Opole $307.00 Apr 30th, 2018
Private $102.75 May 10th, 2018
Private $100.00 May 25th, 2018 Trusting God with you that He will provide all that is needed for the LLI Cabin.
Private $102.75 Jun 01st, 2018
Michael Rothermel $102.75 Jun 04th, 2018 Grateful for the work you're doing!
Private $51.38 Jun 07th, 2018
Evan Larson $513.75 Jun 11th, 2018
Nancy Slinger $500.00 Jun 17th, 2018
Robert Minning $513.75 Jun 19th, 2018
Private $462.38 Jun 22nd, 2018 Toward matching grant for cabin.