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By God’s grace, he has chosen me to become a missionary to Japan. The Japanese have already been on his heart since the dawn of time and he has been shaping a space for them in my heart over the last 10 years or so. Before I spent any time in Japan, I knew only stereotypical things, but now I have seen and experienced the reflections of God’s character in the beauty and richness of their culture and people that the Lord longs to redeem for himself.

It’s hard to believe that I will be wrapping up my first term of service with SEND this year. There were many ups and downs (who would have expected a world-wide pandemic?!), but God has been so faithful and caring. My first term has looked very different from what I anticipated, but God knew what was best and I’m grateful to say that I’ve had a well-rounded term. I’ve been able serve on the leadership team with an ongoing church plant in Tokyo, supporting behind the scenes during the worship service as well as helping with the kid’s ministry. I’ve also been able to serve in some leadership roles supporting and encouraging women in ministry on the field.

It’s been my privilege to be exposed to some art (music, visual arts, media etc.) ministry as well and how people are using their gifts and interests in art to build a bridge to forming relationships and common ground with Japanese. Through the course of time, I’ve been led to partner with another missionary couple to start what is called “Shalom House”. It’s para-ministry with the vision to offer art classes for individuals or families in the community as well as build meaningful relationships with them. As a staff, we want to be transparent about our faith and what it looks like to follow Christ intentional community. I’m excited for how God will use this ministry partnership in my next term of service with SEND!