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We both group up in homes that knew and loved Father. We were both introduced to him at an early age and have been involved in many trips where we sought to introduce others to Father. After several trips to many different locations, we felt that Father wanted us to move to Russia to tell others about His love for them and His willingness to accept them and take them in.   

We served in Russia for many years, but now Father has called us home to work with immigrant populations in Minnesota. While in Russia, we saw how Father wants to draw all men to Himself through the relationships that we build and the truth we share. Building relationships in order to share truth, which results in people coming into the family and then telling others themselves, is the heart of the Great Commission. The gospel grows best in the soil of relationships.  

Our primary focuses are introducing our friends and neighbors to our Father, and helping our brothers and sisters be effective in their own attempts at bringing more people into the family.