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We arrived in Spain in 2001. We had language learning and cultural integration the first five years and helped a church in Alcala de Henares. Since our calling is to do church planting, we moved to Guadalajara for this purpose in 2006. By God’s grace and faithfulness, a church was born. The church is being established and being mobilized to carry out God’s commandment and the Great Commission. It is our heart’s desire that this church will be used by God to bring Good News both locally and globally for His glory alone.

The need in Spain is still so great. In February 2009, the population was 46,000,000. There are about 400,000 evangelicals (less that 1%), which means more than 45,000,000 people are lost.

We are committed to continue serving God in Spain as long as He wants us to. May He find us faithful to His calling until He comes.