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We are the Gilbert family: Jack, Simcha, Joshua, Abigail, and Joanna. God has called our family to full-time missions in Spain. It is our mission to spread the Gospel, plant evangelical churches, and create a discipleship network in those churches that grows self-initiating, replicating, fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. It is our goal to work alongside native Spaniards to equip and encourage them to do the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

You can partner with us in our ministry in three ways:

1) Prayer support. We need people who are dedicated to praying for us regularly.

2) Financial support. Ongoing financial contributions are needed in order to fund our faith-based ministry. No ongoing gift is too small.

3) Sharing our story with others who care. We need your help in spreading our vision for Spain being transformed by the Gospel. You can help by putting us in touch with individuals, organizations, and churches who would be willing to hear our vision for making disciples in Spain.