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Our mission: "Evangelize and disciple in Spain, in order to plant churches and train the people of God, for the fulfillment of the Great Commission."

As a family, we are sure of God's call to serve in Spain; since 2014, the Lord has allowed us to work with the FAM International team (Missionary Support Fraternity), SEND International, and Evangelism Explosion Spain.

Since May 2019, we have joined a church-planting project in the Basque Country led by the Evangelical Church Las Arenas in Vizcaya. We have the vision of "Reaching the rest of the Basque Country not yet reached, avoiding working in towns where others are already doing it, except for the big neighborhoods of the big cities without an established church that are like unreached populations."

So we are working in the town of Sopela, located in the area of Uribe Costa. This town of 15,000 inhabitants is without a church. In this area there are about six more villages without testimony. Some of the great challenges of the region are atheism, secularism, much Celtic influence, obscurantism, and witchcraft practices, among other things.

We know that God has sent us to this region of Spain with His power and authority, and we are convinced that the Gospel is the Power of God.

Some prayer topics:

• That we will adapt well to our new town.

• For our children, Mario and Thiago.

• For our economic support.

• That our new friends will know about Jesus.