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Herb & Kim Burkett, along with their children, moved to Ukraine in 2001 to help start churches. Herb and Kim have a passion for developing disciples and building stronger marriages through the local church. In 2004, they joined a team of Ukrainians to start Golgotha Church in western Ukraine. They had a vision for this church to start other churches and to send Ukrainian missionaries to other areas of the world. Golgotha Church is growing with over 180 members and ministries that not only develop believers but also reach out to the community with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2017, Golgotha Church sent their first long-term missionary to Brazil to start a church in an unreached area.   

Currently, Herb and Kim are living in L’viv, assisting with a new church plant, Ukrainian Bible Church. They also are serving at Ukrainian Baptist Theology Seminary preparing students to serve in the church locally and to serve as missionaries in other parts of the world. 

Pray that Ukrainians will have the vision to start churches and to send missionaries to other parts of the world.