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We arrived in Ukraine in August 2002 and are currently serving in the city of Kyiv. Kyle’s primary ministry in Ukraine is to teach and mobilize the Ukrainian church into cross-cultural missions.

The mission field is becoming the mission force.

One of our ministries has been the development of Russian and Ukrainian language prayer guides. The prayer guides contain demographic information, an ethnographic profile, and strategic prayer points for unreached people groups living in Eurasia and Central Asia. Kyle teaches college courses on missions, evangelism, and spiritual formation.  He speaks at missions conferences and missionary training seminars.  Another ministry of Kyle’s is ethnographic research on unreached peoples in areas where SEND potentially could begin church planting work.

Carrie’s main ministry role is home school teacher for the Eipperle children. She works in donor relations with our supporters, friends, and churches. She has also been involved in women’s ministry among her teammates in Ukraine.