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Anthony and Heather live and serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They arrived in Thailand in June of 2016 and began their season of learning the Thai language. This has proved more challenging than they anticipated with having a young child in the home. Nevertheless, they are persevering through the task and are seeing good progress. In addition to learning the Thai language, they are also learning more and more about Thai culture.

In order to remain in country and maintain their visa, a work permit is needed. For this reason, Anthony volunteers with The Family Connection Foundation (FCF). FCF is a social foundation that serves the needs of Thai people through a variety of social projects. Anthony’s current role is supporting the work of FCF through assisting their staff and volunteers with technology needs, managing many of the technology needs of the organization, and helping FCF projects as requested.

Along with studying the Thai language, Heather has been actively involved in their church helping with Sunday morning worship. She is also mentoring a couple of younger female volunteers from other organizations. Additionally, she has been asked to speak at several mini-conferences during their time in Chiang Mai.

Anthony and Heather have three sons, David, Robert and Timothy. They’ve relied on Grace International School to help meet the educational needs of the older two. Little Timothy, born in 2014, is just getting started with his education. 

Amidst their many activities, Anthony and Heather continue to ask God to make His will for them clear regarding their future ministry. They have committed to remaining in Chiang Mai through 2021 to allow David and Robert to complete their high school education. Beyond that, they are open to whatever God has for them, wherever that may take them.

 Joined SEND in 2004
• Birthdays:
     Anthony, February 26
     Heather, May 2
     David, October 24
     Robert, January 27
     Timothy, July 14
• Anniversary: June 11, 1994