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The Lord has been slowly breaking my heart for Japan. Only 1 percent of the Japanese population is Christian, and when I learned about this statistic, it only broke my heart even more. I grew up in a Christian household, but never really took the Lord seriously until right around my senior year of high school. At the time, I never really surrendered my life to God. All I did was go through the motions. After fully giving my life to Christ, I noticed the impact it had on my life, and it fueled my passion to want to share Jesus with others. I began to serve in different ministries while in college (mainly youth ministries) and now I am currently on the core team for Lightning Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My main desire is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible in Japan. I will be serving with the D House in the Sendai region of Japan, and I want nothing more than to show people who Jesus really is. I want to love people the way He does, I want to see revival in the hearts of the Japanese and I want to be able to encourage Christians who are living in Japan to continue fighting the good fight of faith. Whether it be with youth, college students or families, I want to develop relationships with people and engage in the unique culture that Japan has to offer. Even if just one person is impacted by the Gospel, it is so worth it, because even if it is not changing the world as a whole, it is changing someone else's world.