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In a remote jungle of northern Thailand, more than 1,000 men and women have made the desperate, brave decision to seek help for their life-shattering drug addiction. Though there is no more room in the rehabilitation camp, several new people arrive every day. The pastor who runs the camp, himself a former addict, does not have the heart to send them away.

In this five-year program, Shan men and women are restored and will be trained in agricultural practice and animal husbandry so the camp can be self-sustaining. Ultimately, our prayer is that these folk Buddhists will be transformed by the power of the gospel so that they can go on to take this message of redemption to the heartland of this unreached, Buddhist people group.

Shan Mountain Village hopes to complete building projects for new roofing, lavatories, and solar panels. Additional ongoing needs include Bibles, warm blankets, agricultural supplies, and more. With your generous partnership, this life-transforming ministry will not only be sustained, but will grow. Please join us and donate today! 


The rehab camp is located deep in the jungle, far from any power grid. Camp 1 is where the drug addicts transition after 6 months in detox. Camp 1 is literally in complete darkness. 

Our top priority: Bring light to these barracks through solar power! 

This coming winter 2020, SEND International will send a team to Camp 1 to light it up! Fifty solar-powered lights will transform the barracks where over 400 men are living. The entire solar project will cost $6,000. For every $15 gift, you can provide light for one man who has come to the camp longing to be set free.

shan woman

A Shan woman transformed through the rehabilitation camp. 


Women have been streaming into the camp, some of them barely in their teens and addicted to heroin and meth. We have been able to build a dorm to accommodate up to 50 women, but the toilets are in deplorable conditions. We need to provide cement-based toilets and bathrooms for the women. Healthy hygiene is essential.

New lavatories and shower rooms will cost $2,500.

Other future components of the Shan Mountain Village project will include:

  • Illustrated Bible story books
  • Excavation of land so they can plant their own rice and vegetables
  • Raising goats and hogs for food

Thank you for giving generously to change lives through the Shan Mountain Village Project!


Project 21170-AREAPROJ / Shan Mountain Village Project