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In Hebrews 10:24-25 we are reminded to meet together so that we can encourage one another toward love and good deeds. But what about those who live where there is not a healthy church? What about those teens who do not have other believers their age in their community?

Dozens of villages and communities across Alaska and northern Canada have very little, if any, Gospel witness - much less a functioning and healthy church body. This is why SEND North is committed to helping provide regional disciple-making events across the North. These events can take many forms: a youth retreat for teenagers, discipleship training for a small group of adults, or even a large group gathering to worship and hear Bible teaching.

Whatever form it takes, two things are usually true:

1) It is a time to focus on helping people know Jesus and grow in their walk with Him.
2) It is often very expensive because it frequently requires us to fly people from one village to another.

SEND North’s Regional Disciple-Making fund will be specifically used to host community events that Make Northern Disciple-makers: both gatherings to teach, disciple and train believers, as well as evangelism events that join together people from many different villages and communities.