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Southeast Asia is surely one of the prettiest places SEND missionaries serve. The people there have nicknamed it “Paradise,” but community life is anything but idyllic. Name a need, and the people there have it. Food insecurity? Yes. High infant mortality? Yes. Obstacles to education, especially for women? Yes.

We call our workers in this 99.6 percent Muslim region Team Hope, and the name makes sense. Team Hope meets community needs, building deep, trusting relationships that allow us to share the hope found in Jesus. We provide medical care, and patients stay to hear soul-healing stories from Scripture. We teach sustainable farming, and people meet the Bread of Life. We tutor students, and these young people learn of God’s love.

Praise the Lord, Muslims in Southeast Asia are right now showing openness to the gospel, especially when the people sharing it have demonstrated the love of Jesus in tangible ways. Farming, medicine, and education all have a price tag—the current need is $238,000—but they are a clear investment in gospel transformation.