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Making disciples among the unreached

New This Week

Missionary, know thyself!  

Culture. It’s not just language, or religion, or family structure, or household size, or what foods you care for, or whether you run late or show up early, or gender roles, or approaches to staying healthy, or what’s considered polite and what’s considered rude, or how you raise your children, or how you respect your elders. It’s all of these — and so much more. No wonder, then, that multicultural teams face challenges, even when every member of the team loves Jesus. But when each person understands their own culture, the whole group can serve together with greater unity. Read the whole story. 

Multicultural from the start

SEND understands that it takes people from all nations to reach all nations. It’s part of our history: Some of SEND’s earliest missionaries were Asians who returned home after World War II to share the gospel with their war-ravaged fellow countrymen, while others were North Americans who had developed a heart for reaching Japan. As our efforts have expanded to more than 20 countries, we continue to be intentionally multiethnic and multinational, collaborating with sending offices and partner agencies around the world to send disciple-makers to the unreached.
I want to go ...
Do you want to serve on a multicultural team? SEND offers opportunities to reach the unreached in more than 20 countries. Click here to contact a Missions Coach who can help you discern your role in the Great Commission.
I want to help send missionaries ...
I want to pray...

SEND’s global family of workers continues to diversify, and we are grateful! This summer German, Russian, Chinese, Costa Rican, and Guatemalan missionaries will join with North American missionaries for training, fellowship, and planning. Pray for cross-cultural and multi-national understanding so that together SEND can engage the unreached globally! Pray for many more workers from all nations!

You can find daily prayer requests in Intercede & SEND:

I want to understand our changing world ...

Even as the number of people identifying as Christians in Western contexts is dropping, Christ’s Church is growing throughout the majority world. 

  • In 1910, the vast majority of the world’s Christians — over 80 percent — lived in the global North. Today, that figure is only 41 percent.
  • In Asia, Christianity is growing more than twice as fast as the general population.
  • In 1970, 41.3 percent of all Christians were from Africa, Asia or Latin America. By 2020, this figure is expected to be 64.7 percent.

Graphics — This graphic shows how the Christian world is changing. You can take a closer look at some of the largest sending countries today here.

Elsewhere online — Curious to know how your culture relates to others? A German researcher has developed a fascinating site that allows you to compare up to three countries at a time, based on six different criteria. Check it out here. 

Books about multicultural teams — For deeper reading on multicultural teams and the changing face of global missions, SEND staff recommend: 

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