A New Partnership

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SEND Canada is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Leadership Resources International (LRI). This article is based on a conversation with SEND’s Canadian Director Rob “Mags” Magwood and LRI’s President Craig Parro when they discussed their shared vision for this collaborative venture.

Introducing Leadership Resources International

Leadership Resources International (LRI) is an organization that exists to equip and encourage pastors around the world to teach God’s Word with God’s heart. According to LRI's President Craig Parro, there are around 3 million pastors in the world who have little or no formal Bible training. LRI is bringing ministry training to many pastors in some of the most remote and neediest places of the world.  Through LRI’s "Training National Trainers" program (TNT), pastors learn how to preach and how to pastor. Pastors who are trained through TNT then multiply the training by equipping fellow pastors and church leaders in their own country. For a glimpse of the "TNT" training, watch this video:


SEND International is committed to establishing healthy churches among unreached peoples. An important part of this process is the effective equipping of local leaders to assume responsibility for new faith communities.LRI’s special expertise will help advance this dimension of our church-planting ministry.

Partnering Together

By working together, SEND Canada and LRI will both become more effective. LRI’s specialized expertise will enhance SEND’s efforts in training indigenous church leaders on existing fields as well as other geographic locations. It is also anticipated that LRI will assist SEND Canada with the preparation and supervision of Canadian pastors going overseas into short-term teaching assignments. SEND Canada provides the foundation of a trusted Canadian mission agency, and will provide logistical support as LRI deploys Canadian personnel and financial resources to accomplish their ministry goals.

Shared Beliefs and Focus

SEND Canada and LRI share some important beliefs that make such a partnership possible. Both organizations believe in the centrality of the Word of God - both in the gospel and in the growth of the church. Parro and Magwood also share a commitment to a “Big ‘K’ focus”. This means not exclusively pursuing the advance of individual organizations (little “k” kingdoms) but maintaining a priority focus on the Kingdom of God.

Looking Forward

The new partnership is exciting for both Parro and Magwood. Magwood believes “this is a great new partnership that we trust will bear fruit for God's purposes." Parro is looking forward to the future: "I'm looking forward to our deepening friendship with the folks at SEND Canada. Doing ministry in a highly relational way is one of the great joys of being involved in ministry."

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