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Making disciples among the unreached


Why do missionaries raise support?
SEND missionaries raise support so that their number one focus on the field is ministry.  SEND missionaries do not have secular jobs while overseas*. There is a tremendous value in partnering with other believers to form a “ministry team.”  As fellow believers join that team, they naturally pray for their missionary and encourage them in the ministry.  We are following Paul’s example given in Philippians 4:14-18 and Romans 15:24-27.

*The only exception is when holding a secular job is a strategic part of their ministry, such as in tentmaking or Business As Missions (Marketplace Enterprise and Development).

Can Canadian residents contribute and receive tax-deductible receipts?
Yes. If you are a resident of Canada and wish to support SEND, please click here to go to Your receipt for tax purposes will be issued by and your contribution forwarded to SEND Canada. You will also receive an acknowledgment of your contribution from SEND Canada. For answers to other questions regarding giving through CanadaHelps, please visit their FAQ page.
If my church supports missions, why should I also give?

God asks “each one” of us to give “just as he has purposed in his heart; not grudgingly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver,”  2 Corinthians 9:7.  Giving is a personal matter between every believer and their Lord.  Some choose to give money to their church and let the church decide what to do with it; others give their tithe to the church and additional contributions to missions.  The key is the attitude of heart.

How do SEND missionaries raise support?

SEND missionaries raise support in different ways.  They are “aggressive” in their support-development process by being open about their financial needs.  Missionaries share their support needs nearly every time they make a presentation and they are more than willing to hand out their detailed financial requirements to anyone who asks.  SEND encourages its missionaries to do church presentations, fundraising events, and individual meetings. 

How much support does a SEND missionary need?

SEND International has a budget for every missionary.  Since SEND serves in many different countries and regions, the needs of each of our missionaries can be quite different.  Individual missionary budgets are available on request from our office.

Does SEND require missionaries to have the full recommended level of support?

SEND’s policy is that every one of our missionaries leaves for missionary work abroad with 100% financial support.  We will not allow them to depart for the first time or after home service with anything less.

How much of the donor’s contribution will the missionary’s ministry or project receive?

In the United States on average, 88% of the donation goes for sustaining the missionary financially. SEND International takes out the remaining 12% for administrative services.  This money is used to provide training events for our missionaries, to give our missionaries the member care they deserve, and to sustain resources and the necessary infrastructure in their sending office.

How are corporate US operations financed?

Most of the finances needed for the US Office and International Office are provided by the missionaries who work there.  Our home office staff missionaries raise their own support just like our missionaries overseas. A small number of employees in the office are not missionaries and therefore do not raise their own support. In addition, our home office also receives individual and corporate donations.  The balance is provided by the 12% taken from regular donations.

How are corporate overseas operations and projects financed?

Approved projects are examined and prioritized.  Many of these projects are funded when field missionaries alert their supporting churches of the strategic nature of a project on their field.  When the size of the project surpasses the ability of the missionaries to find funding, the Development departments of our US and Canadian offices are asked to help.  Members of these departments seek to find specific churches, donors, corporations, or charitable foundations that may have an interest in the project.  As God moves them to give, projects are funded and the ministry advances. While some projects are not funded at all, we are confident that God provides every dollar that SEND International needs to accomplish his ordained purposes each year.

Are all contributions tax-deductible?

All contributions given through SEND International are tax-deductible.  Cash or checks written and given directly to the missionary are not tax-deductible. Personal gifts to missionaries are not eligible for a tax-deductible receipt and must be sent directly to the missionary.

What is SEND's donor privacy policy?
SEND International respects the privacy of our donors. Our privacy policy ensures that our donors’ information will be handled carefully and will not be shared with any third party except as necessary to process donations.
SEND International is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for contributions received. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that SEND International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.