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J & P C
In: Southeast Asia
Being from Taiwan, we not only hope for our families and many Taiwanese people to know God, but we also long to see God's name to be worshipped among the unreached. Although God calls us in... Read More »
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Church Planting
In: International Office
Like many great things, coffee fueled the church in Lubin, Poland. It began as a coffee house, then added a language center, which led to a gospel music workshop. The city sold the... Read More »
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Church Van
In: Europe, Romania
The church in Rastu Nou, Romania serves several surrounding villages as the only evangelical church in the area. Each Sunday, the pastor and other church leaders drive through the region to pick... Read More »
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Class scholarships for refugees
In: North America (Immigrants & Refugees)
Imagine abandoning your home, fleeing violence, and finding yourself in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language or understand the culture.... Read More »
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Jaime Clore
In: Spain
As a youth, God used a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic to ignite a desire in my heart to share my faith using the Spanish language. As a high school student I was blessed to be... Read More »
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B & J C
In: Muslim Ministries, Southeast Asia
We met when J was preparing to join SEND’s Team Hope and B was in his last rotation of medical school. We both felt called to use our unique skills and experiences in long-term work among... Read More »
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Steven & Meg Collier
In: Ukraine
Steven and Meg received a calling from God to make disciples among young people in Ukraine. In the last several years in western Ukraine, this has manifested itself in church planting, inviting... Read More »
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Compassion & Relief
In: US Office
No matter where our missionaries serve, they encounter people in pain. In order to share the love of Christ, they must turn toward those who are hurting, or who are being hurt.... Read More »
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Connecting refugee communities with Christ
Can you imagine fleeing your home because of violence and ending up someplace where you don’t speak the language or understand the culture? How would you know whom to trust? Our refugee... Read More »
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Crisis Response Fund
In: International Office, US Office
Help us respond quickly to the needs of our missionaries and the people they serve. In these days of global pandemic, life and ministry require daily adaptation. While we don’t know all the... Read More »
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