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In: Asia, Southeast Asia
While we pursue pushing back the darkness in our communities, our own thorns do exist. A local neighbor to our training farm has made land claims to our farm, and seeks to extort from our NGO... Read More »
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Student Tutorials
In: Asia, Southeast Asia
In our Bapa community, students continue in their module schooling protocol. While many parents never graduated high school, they now are responsible for a large part of their child’s formal... Read More »
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UA Consortium
In: Ukraine
“Let us be sure of this: we will not long preserve the gospel without the [biblical] languages. The languages are the sheath in which this sword of the Spirit is contained.” –... Read More »
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Unlisted Project
Can't find what you're looking for? If you want to donate to a missionary or project at SEND that you were not able to locate on the website, just donate to this project. Leave us a note on... Read More »
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Uribe Kosta
In: Spain
Uribe Kosta is a region in northern Spain. In this region there are seven towns with a population of approximately 38,000 inhabitants in total. Right now there is no evangelical church in any of... Read More »
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US Leadership Travel
In: US Office
Members of SEND’s US Council will be traveling to the Philippines and Southeast Asia to visit important ministry areas. Please donate here to help support their ministry trip. Read More »
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Vision 119
In: Chinese Ministries, Taiwan
Vision 119: Calling for 119 workers to plant 60 churches along old Route 1 and 19 in Taiwan. Taiwan has a population of 23 million. About 7 million live in 60 cities and towns, the least-reached... Read More »
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In: Philippines
Values Orientation In Classroom Education (VOICE) strategically reaches thousands of public school students in the Philippines. VOICE equips volunteers from churches and community groups to teach... Read More »
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Women's Ministry
In: International Office
The women's ministry of SEND exists to encourage the personal and professional development of all SEND women, so that they may be equipped for transformational life and ministry. Your... Read More »
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Yamanaka Chalet
In: Japan
The purpose of Yamanaka Chalet is for the spiritual refreshment of its guests. The facility is operated as a Christian retreat center where people come to meet God and be spiritually recharged.... Read More »
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