Maricel B

In: Eurasia, Russia
ID: 397173

Towards the end of 2016, I read an article that says, the Lord wants all the nations to worship Him. At the end of the article, the author asked, “Do you have a nation that you are praying for?” Without any hesitation, my mind answered with a big, “None!” Then the author had another question, “If none, why don’t you ask the Lord now which nation He wants you to pray for?” Right there and then, I asked the Lord which nation He wanted me to pray for and Russia came to mind. Since then, I started praying for Russia.

When I was in seminary school, people would ask, “What is God calling you to do?” I would always answer, “to be a missionary.” They asked again, “Which country and which people group?” And my answer to them was, “I don’t know!” But those questions led me to specifically ask the Lord which country and which people group does He want me to minister to. He answered me by giving me a thought, “Why don’t you consider Russia?”

Since then, I started asking for confirmations, which He gave in October 2018 by using Deuteronomy 1:7 when He said, “Go to the land…” and another one in February 2019 by using one of my professors who spoke words of wisdom to me in the middle of his lecture by saying, “God has already spoken. Don’t over rationalize it. Just accept it and believe!” Thus, I decided to accept and believe that indeed God has been calling me to go and reach one of the unreached people groups of Russia.


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