Rudiana Anglade

In: Europe, Spain
ID: 402952

Hi, my name is Rudiana! I am currently a teacher assistant, working with autistic adolescents. I was born in New York and am 26 years old. The journey of seeking interest in SEND international started about two years ago. However, the process and journey truly started before then , when Jesus Christ became my Savior, Father and King of my heart and the reason behind doing anything. During early childhood and adolescent years I carried scars and pains that held me in the bondage of darkness and condemnation. ( Romans 8:1). This darkness consumed me in anger, anxiety, depression, sinning against others/loved ones, myself and God. Much of the insecurity and bottled up frustration came from walking through a string of adversities, one after another: being in a  broken generational household, being bullied by peers because of being seen as the easy, quiet target, hearing and knowing teachers around you that didn’t believe you would make it past the stage of elementary school and who intentionally wanted to hinder your progress of moving on, having to overcome a speech impediment and small special education classes, almost being sent away from home and to a psychiatric facility/related facility for troubled children because of concerning notes that was written in the school agenda, struggling with on and off again mental instability of suicidal thoughts. From this, God was teaching me from an early age what it meant/means to stand with Him through early adversities,  let Him take the heavy yoke (Mathew 11:29-30:Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light) and change my hardened heart,  little by little (Ezekiel 36: 26: And I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh).

When I was in a low mental and breakdown point during one Sunday service day, God showed himself to my broken spirit. I had met an older lady, who carried the gentle love, light and presence of Him with her. She turned around from her seat, that was in front of my father, sister and I and came to us. With a small gesture of encouragement, she came and left. In that moment, after her departure, I cried myself until there was nothing but a raw emotion inside. I had cried myself out until I had nothing left. In  that moment all I felt was the overwhelming peaceful and comforting presence and blanket embrace of God, on my every side. However, I wouldn’t realize this until a while after. It was a couple of days after this encounter and moment that I sat down in the dark, thinking of this and the dark path that I didn't care much about turning around from, that God showed me how much my sinful nature needed Him. He had shown me that I was and am in need of Savior and needed to repent. It was a gentle and loving conviction that started what would be the beginning of a new life with Him. 

 Fast forward to a couple of years later, closer to the college years, I started a path for a career in healthcare/medical. This is due to the desire to serve others. In the second year of college at Farmingdale State one door had unexpectedly closed and another had opened. I had stopped college athletics and joined a club on Campus called Cru. A club that is aimed in helping college students get to know who Christ is, start a relationship/ with Him in one of the most important seasons in their lives, continuing to help keep their faith strong and consistent in a college environment or encourage and teach students how to live out their walk with Christ in a way that would make disciples on campus. Throughout the involvement of  Cru I had the privilege to be involved in student leadership, help with outreach events on campus, get to know and welcome new and returning students as well as take part in their student retreats. It was from this moment that it began being put on my heart that God may have other plans for me then the one that I was planning/focusing on since freshman year. 

Once I graduated, through another unexpected turn of events, I was able to go on my first mission through Cru, in Providence, RI. During this season, myself and the team got to know the community around us and especially the individuals and their stories. We got to see what it really looks like to build loving relationships with others that come from broken areas and the importance of doing this in a church planting process. In that season it was a gift for me to love the children, families and individuals of that area and share with them and show them through park outreach how much God loves them, wants to know them and won’t ever stop doing so. I returned from this trip in 2018 and knew that God was starting to do a shift in me that would set me on a trajectory of where He has me now. I returned no longer desiring to serve in the healthcare/medical field and desiring/ taking joy more and more in serving/reaching the lost, hurting and broken children, families and individuals whom the world may forget,  discard or not know of. 

It is now years later from this shift and my trust and confidence  is in my Father. I don’t know what to expect from this new chapter, however, what I do know is that my Father is the one sending and it is my only desire to answer. .


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