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Austin & Amy

Japan, Land where the sun rises

When I (Austin) was a toddler, I laid eyes on a painting of Tokyo in the age of Samurai. The vibrant and flamboyant swirls of color fascinated me to the point that I would have rather looked at this painting than watch Nickelodeon (I was a 90s baby). I couldn't explain why, but something in my heart told me that this land I was seeing was exactly where I needed to be.

For a century and a half, Christianity flourished in Japan. Farmers sang hymns and recited the Lord's prayer while knee-deep in rice paddies, Samurai carved crosses and Christograms into the hilts of their swords and churches were as numerous as cherry blossoms. Japan was truly becoming a nation on fire for Christ. Then, in 1603 a man named Tokugawa came to power and ordered the banishment of all Christians and westerners from their shores. Christians were hunted down and forced to renounce their faith or be killed mercilessly. The light of the gospel was nearly extinguished. Then, in 1853 American sailors convinced Japan to open up to trade and as such Christianity was no longer illegal.

Since then, missionaries have served faithfully in Japan but have not been able to reignite the passion for Christ. Less than 1% of the population is Christian. There is a great sense of hopelessness which is reflected in a high suicide rate.

SEND international was founded by American Soldiers who fought against the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. As these men looked down their sights they would hear the words "I died for him too." When the war was over, these ambitious men and women returned to Japan to minister to their former enemies.

Our family has the great opportunity to continue this legacy on behalf of the Japanese people and we hope you will support us. There are many opportunities for ministry in Japan, including, Church Planting, Youth Camps and Disaster Relief and the harvest is rich, yet the workers are few. Please consider supporting us through prayer, giving, and connecting. 


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