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Leadership Lab International (LLI) in Croatia takes young people from around the world on a discipleship journey that prepares them to reach their communities for Christ.... Read More »
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Global Workers
God can use anything to reach the lost, even mushrooms! One of our Filipino missionaries has a knack for agriculture, and the residents of an impoverished Buddhist village... Read More »
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Hina learned about Jesus at Okutama Bible Chalet (OBC) when she was a little girl. Years later, she sent her own son, Akio, to OBC — where he accepted Jesus as his Lord and... Read More »
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Missionary Care & Mobilization
Difficult things happen, even to missionaries. Our US Office supports them in hard times and brainstorms ways to reach the lost, even when their initial plans don’t work out.... Read More »
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Compassion & Relief
No matter where our missionaries serve, they encounter people in pain. In order to share the love of Christ, they must turn toward those who are hurting, or who are being hurt.... Read More »
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Like many great things, coffee fueled the church in Lubin, Poland. It began as a coffee house, then added a language center, which led to a gospel music workshop. The city sold the... Read More »
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Until All Have Heard

“How can we go the fastest, to reach the farthest places, using the most effective means, to win the greatest number of souls for Christ?”

This question, posed by a SEND missionary in the early days of ministry, is one that resonates even today as we consider that nearly 3 billion people have no opportunity to hear the gospel. And it’s a question that will carry us into the future, working for Kingdom impact until all have heard.

Your gift can help us CONNECT, PREPARE, EQUIP, SUPPORT, SERVE and SEND more missionaries so that together we can win souls for Christ. 

Click below to learn how your gifts... people like AJ fulfill their dream of becoming a missionary.

Russian missionaryYour gift of $25 can help people interested in missions connect with SEND and discover a ministry that fits their skills and passions through opportunities like Explorer Track.

In July, AJ Velichko attended Explorer Track at SEND’s annual conference. SEND covers the cost of the conference for Explorers because we know that the conversations they have with experienced missionaries there can help them discover a ministry that fits their talents and God’s leading. 

For about 10 years, I’ve been praying about God sending me to Russia. It’s grown into a huge dream to serve the people there.

I don’t meet too many Americans who speak Russian or who live in Russia or Ukraine. But to be with over 200 people who are thinking and doing missions—God is teaching me that what I’ve been praying about for such a long time is not only possible but very probable. 

Give Now! missionary kids like Jack process the emotions of moving overseas.

Your gift of $50 can help prepare and send five care packages to missionary kids in college. missionary kid transition

Your gift of $100 can help prepare the children of missionaries with the knowledge they need to transition to life overseas.

Teena Embaugh is SEND US’ MK Care Coordinator and runs SEND’s program for future missionary kids. While their parents prepare for life on the field, Teena passes on similar lessons in age-appropriate ways. And she often helps kids sort through the big feelings that come with a cross-cultural move.

When I met Jack*, he was 15 years old and very angry. Jack did not want to move, and he was really honest about that.

We talked a lot over the next five days. I reminded Jack, “This isn’t just God’s plan for your parents, this is God’s plan for you. If you’re going to be angry, don’t be angry with your parents. This is between you and God.”

Jack’s anger levels dropped, but sadness came next. When he found out on Friday that his parents had been accepted with SEND, Jack burst into tears. His parents handled the moment extremely well. We all knew that Jack needed to process his emotions.

Jack’s family headed home a week later to present their future ministry at church. Wanting to respect Jack’s feelings, they hadn’t asked him to stand in front of the congregation with them — until he came downstairs.

“Oh,” his parents said when they saw his outfit. “You’re wearing your SEND shirt?”

“Yeah, well, aren’t we presenting this morning?” Jack said. “I’m in on this, too!”

*Not his real name

Give Now! equip missionaries like Kenny and Lauren for successful service.

Your gift of $250 can help equip missionaries with the training and knowledge they need to be successful on the field.
Missionary kids

Kenny and Lauren Humphries came to SEND eager to work with families in crisis in Alaska. As foster parents who have welcomed into their home more than 40 children, most with severe needs, they understand the challenges that families face. Still, their appointee coach, Betsy, was amazed by their hunger to learn more.

Every time I gave them a new assignment or a book to read, they finished it quickly and came back ready for more. I don’t know where they get the energy!

As they were leaving Texas to come up for their second on-campus training, their son Levi got sick. Though leadership gave Lauren the choice to stay with Levi in the hospital, she insisted on coming. She knew she was leaving him in good hands with a babysitter who is like a grandma to the kids—and she got so much out of the first training that she would never want to miss the second! 

Give Now! energize missionaries like Mike who are raising support.

Your gift of $500 can help our appointee coaches support missionaries like Mike with accountability, encouragement, and wise counsel along their journey. missionary encouragement

Mike Nienhaus practically sprinted to Japan. His support-raising process took just 18 months — exciting, but intense. When he started to feel worn down, his SEND appointee coach stepped in. 

I was in the midst of a dry spell in terms of gaining new financial support. I had been struggling with various illnesses, and I was just feeling run down and drained.

During our monthly meeting, my coach graciously listened as I shared all of my thoughts, emotions, and struggles. When I finished talking, she asked me how I feel refreshed and rested. Hiking and camping, I said. She didn’t pressure me to carry on with raising support. Instead, she asked me to plan a hiking trip, to take some time to step back and re-charge.

I wound up backpacking in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spending time alone with the Creator in his creation. It was such a refreshing experience. And when I returned, I re-engaged the partner-development process with renewed spirit and vigor as well as physical health. My coach's gracious and wise counsel and loving care for me were such a blessing. 

Give Now! provide essential services to missionaries like the Jackson family.

Your gift of $1,000 can help us serve over 300 missionaries in more than 20 areas around the globe with critical support such as visa processing, security services, counselling and more.  sustaining missionaries

For 22 years, Philip Jackson and his family have poured their lives into making disciples in Macedonia. His team of 16 is involved in five church plants in Macedonia — and he credits the US Office for supporting the team’s Kingdom-building work.

Many movies depict soldiers who get cut off from their commander or home base. Those scenes always show a soldier who has to figure out what to do with no support at all. While those soldiers often end up being heroes in the movies, it’s clearly not supposed to work that way. The logistical support that “command” provides for the soldier in combat is essential and irreplaceable.

It’s much the same with workers on the field. Without the US Office, we simply could not survive. Caring for our families, processing our donations, helping us navigate both going to the field and returning from it, and mobilizing more workers who can help us reach the lost are just a few of the many ways that the ministry of the US Office affects our ministry in Macedonia. 

Give Now! send the gospel to the unreached until all have heard.

Your gift of $5,000 can help ensure that the mission of SEND International continues until all have heard. Missions CEO

Phil Armstrong lived and died for Christ. He led the organization that developed into SEND International, and died when his plane went down on mission business in Alaska. His call to love to lost came during World War II, after his patrol had captured five Japanese soldiers. He wrote to his brother about this powerful moment.

I can’t explain it. I’m not sure I understand it, but I loved those men. Five years ago we were sending missionaries to those people. Now we are taught to hate them. I wanted as much as I have ever wanted anything in my life to get down with them (on the truck floor) and tell them of Jesus. But I couldn’t. I studied each face and my heart flared up with the words, “Christ died for thee. Christ died for thee.” I prayed until I had to look away in tears. Christ hadn’t failed them. We had. Now I’ve got to do something about it. I don’t know what, but I am promising everything I have to our Lord to be used where he chooses. 

SEND missionaries carry on in this tradition, loving with Christ’s love those who do not yet know him, and promising all that they have to the Lord to be used in his harvest fields around the world. 

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