Connecting refugee communities with Christ

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Can you imagine fleeing your home because of violence and ending up someplace where you don’t speak the language or understand the culture? How would you know whom to trust?

Our refugee ministry teams step into that void, offering the kind of help that proves we’re trustworthy. They teach English to children and adults, help people navigate the DMV and medical insurance, and offer citizenship and work-skills classes.

“Look around you,” one refugee said. “Who is helping you? Is it the Muslim leaders? No, it is the Christians!” These folks know we follow Jesus, and they’re willing to hear the gospel because they’ve seen us live it out.

Many of these immigrants keep in touch with family and friends in the lands they fled. Right now, we can share Christ in North America and have his message of love and salvation move naturally into closed countries.

Our teams already partner with local churches and other agencies to serve thousands of unreached immigrants and refugees—and thousands more are expected to arrive in the coming years. For $95,000, we can prepare to meet their immediate needs so that Jesus can meet their spiritual needs. 


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