Spring Village

In: Russia
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Buryat church group

Jesus answered, “…whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” -John 4:13-14

Buryatia is a region of Russia located in Southern Siberia, just north of the Mongolian border. It is home to the largest unreached people group in Siberia, the Buryats, who are Tibetan Buddhist and Shamanist by religion.

The SEND team in Buryatia is seeking to be increasingly intentional in reaching Buryats for Christ and God has laid it on their hearts to plant a reproducing church that is specifically geared towards reaching Buryats. God has recently opened the door for Leif and Jami G. and their three children  and Nettie S. to move to “Spring Village,” a suburb of Ulan-Ude (which is the capital of Buryatia).

Many Buryats have moved to Spring Village from distant villages so that they can find work and education in the city. These “uprooted” Buryats are more open to new relationships and to hearing about Jesus.

Leif, Jami and Nettie recently moved to a duplex home they built in Spring Village. They will be partnering with a local couple who live just a block away. Together with our team, these ministry partners have a passion and desire to see the people in this town come to know Christ and for a church to be established.

Leif, Jami and Nettie were eager to begin developing relationships in Spring Village, so they moved in to the duplex as soon as it was complete enough to live in, but more finish work remains. Finances are still needed to complete the work on the house while our team lives incarnationally amongst the Buryat people in Spring Village.

This is a strategic place to reach out, because when the Buryats in Spring Village come to know Christ, they can go back to their home villages, places untouched with the gospel, and share the name and fame of Jesus with their relatives and friends. Finances are needed to complete the work on the house, a crucial part of the team being able to live incarnationally amongst the Buryats in Spring Village.

Would you consider giving to this project? Would you consider praying faithfully for this project, that we will see Christ’s name known among the Buryat people in Ulan-Ude, Spring Village and beyond?

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