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Making disciples among the unreached

Travel Scholarships to Kids' Camp

In: Alaska
ID: 29490

Summer camp in Alaska isn’t too terribly different from camp in the lower 48. There’s chapel, silly songs, archery, and swimming. Counselors do have to keep a lookout for bears. And instead of tearful parents dropping their kids off at the camp, many of the campers arrive by airplane.

These campers fly in from remote villages. The isolation that pervades their communities can lead to spiritual darkness, despair, and depression. The kids arrive excited to connect with friends they haven’t seen in months; indeed, sometimes camp is the only time these kids leave their village all year.

Camp staff sow the seeds of the gospel as they teach and live out the Word. This past summer, a girl from a remote village came to camp for the first time. Her cabin counselors were discouraged — she didn’t seem to be listening or engaging in the spiritual side of chapels and cabin times.

But recently in her village, one of the schoolteachers began a study with her about going into the teenage years. One of the first chapters emphasizes that a relationship with Christ is critical to developing good character.

This young lady stopped the teacher and said, “They talked about this a lot at camp and I never did that; I want to do that now.” The seeds planted at camp had a profound impact on this young girl’s life — one plants, another waters, but God causes the growth.

Children experience Christ’s love at Alaska’s Christian camps, but they can’t get to camp to hear his message of hope without aviation. Please consider sponsoring their travel so that they can take the seeds of the gospel back to their remote village homes.

$150/child - 50 needed