Guesthouse Vehicles

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The label “hub village” is a term that Alaska residents use often; however, if you’re not from the 49th state, you may not know what it means. Hub village refers to a larger community with more services (transportation, government, medical and supply network) available. As Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage is the virtual “hub village” for most of the state. Most of our missionaries travel to Anchorage to fly out of state, see a doctor or shop for groceries. Visiting Anchorage a few times each year is a reality in the north.

SEND North has operated a guesthouse in Anchorage since the 1970’s. As well as housing, the guesthouse provides vehicles for our missionaries to use while they are in the city. Our missionaries (and volunteers) have safe, reliable and affordable transportation at their disposal during a stay in town.

The three guest vehicles currently in service at the guesthouse are well used and it’s time to retire them.

Can you help us replace these SEND North guesthouse vehicles?

Our goal is $75,000.

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