Leadership Lab International

Leadership Lab International prepares a new generation of leaders from many nations to be equipped to serve on multicultural ministry and church-planting teams. Surrounded by God's creation in beautiful Gorski Kotar, Croatia, students develop as leaders through mentored, experiential learning. 

Leadership Lab International offers two internship programs: Bridge and Transform. 

Bridge — Bridge Training is a 2-week ministry program that gives participants (ages 20-40) an experiential opportunity to grow as disciple makers. Participants learn to use sport, play, and woodblock tools to build gospel bridges. They also are challenged through spiritual formation to develop a proper view of God, to cultivate Christ-likeness, and to grow through Bible engagement as they are involved in Jesus' Great Commission around the world. 

Transform — This summer study abroad program consists of two sessions that give participants (ages 18-28) opportunities to learn skills for serving on multicultural ministry teams and practical experiences where they implement lessons they learn. 

 What is the schedule for Bridge and Transform?

Bridge runs from Feb. 23 through March 8, 2020.

Transform runs from June 6 through August 11, 2020. 

What are the core training courses of the Transform track?

Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Outdoor Adventure Leadership will offer students skill-based trainings that will enable them to facilitate groups in a specific adventure-based activity safely and according to current best practices. It also equips participants with the tools necessary to affect transformational experiences through the medium of outdoor and adventure experiences.

Multicultural Leadership Training
An application of the principles of multicultural leadership, this course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively build multicultural ministry teams. It explores the topics of effective cross-cultural communication and relationship building, biblical basis of teamwork, Cultural Based Judgment Systems, developing a covenant community, experiential learning cycle and team building, 6 critical factors in team development and 5 stages of group development. Focus is on the development of competencies, commitments and personal character necessary for building multicultural ministry and church-planting teams.

Applied Bible Study Methods
This course aims to increase each participant's love for the Word of God and confidence in helping others experience life-changing Bible study. Students gain a strong foundation of instruction in the biblical content to be used with small groups in their ministry assignments and receive basic instruction in inductive Bible study methodology. Emphasis is given to the skills of leading an inductive small group and the application of those skills in both simulated and live environments. Students reapply these skills after receiving feedback in order to solidify skill acquisition.

Spiritual formation 
Learning from the life of Christ and his disciples, this course challenges participants to apply habits of grace fostering spiritual growth. Students will explore nurturing an intimate relationship with God and how developing spiritual habits (prayer, solitude, word, etc.) provides an environment enabling them to mature in their walks with Christ. Emphasis is given on integrating these practices both during and prior to the second ministry assignment. 

How do I apply?

Start by filling out the SEND Preliminary Questionnaire and then we will let you know if you are invited to fill out the online application on the Leadership Lab International site. 

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Read "Mentors who equip for life" — the story of how one LLI participant grew through the program

"LLI is pure discipleship and intense leadership training that is needed for future engagement of the unreached with the gospel as church-planting teams become more multicultural. As the world becomes smaller, LLI gives real answers for the complexities of building effective, diverse church-planting teams.”
— European Regional Director, SEND International

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