Engage Russia

Note: Internships in Russia are on a temporary hold.

Engage Russia is a dynamic internship opportunity that will take you to one of several teams across Russia. Interns in this program will personally engage with global needs and experience life and ministry with one of SEND Russia’s four teams in order to help determine ongoing involvement in cross-cultural ministry.

Engage Russia will let you: 

  • Develop life skills and grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Better understand the life of a global worker and assess personal involvement in the Great Commission.
  • Work closely with the SEND team.
  •  Experience the challenge and excitement of living in a new country and culture.
  • Participate in SEND ministries, including engaging people with the gospel.

To meet these goals, you can:

  • Study the local language and culture.
  • Attend a local church and participate in a variety of ministries (including English-language outreach, discipleship, camping ministries and more).
  • Develop personally, professionally, and spiritually through writing and implementing an individual growth plan.
  • Meet regularly with other global workers for accountability, support and mentoring.

We are looking for people who have:

  • A desire and ability to be intentional and responsible for their own personal spiritual growth.
  • A readiness to be flexible when things don’t go as planned.
  • A capacity to live independently and a willingness to live communally.
  • A desire to serve others, both nationals and the SEND team.
  • A teachable spirit and willingness to submit to SEND Russia leadership.
  • A readiness to participate in English ministry.

Internships can last from five weeks to one year. Several months of lead time are needed to get a visa to Russia and visa stipulations will determine each intern’s start date.

SEND Russia is involved in ministry to the unreached peoples of Russia, including Russians, Buryats and other ethnic and religious groups. Each team is engaged in a variety of ministries and outreaches with the goal of engaging the unreached and mobilizing God’s people to establish reproducing churches in areas where less than 2% profess faith in Jesus Christ.  Depending on the location (i.e., specific city and people group, as well as urban vs. rural settings), a wide range of ministry strategies, including relationship building and personal evangelism, are used to engage the unreached with the gospel.

If interested, please fill out this short survey, and a missions coach will connect with you. Or click here to learn more about SEND Russia. 

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