Discipleship Ministries

“Go and make disciples of all nations,” Jesus told His followers. That’s what SEND International does around the world, including in:

A refugee camp in Macedonia, where discipling started over social media. 

Japan, where disciple-making goes hand-in-hand with helping communities recover from natural disaster. 

Ukraine, where ski slopes provide the setting for spiritual conversations with students from unreached people groups.  

Alaska and Northern Canada, where living side-by-side through harsh weather in remote areas is crucial to building relationships. 

Southeast Asia, where a group of teen girls has escaped work in the brothels and has formed the core of a new church.

Disciple-making plays a crucial role in starting new churches around the globe. SEND’s church-planting initiatives often work hand-in-hand with our discipleship ministries, because obedient disciples will build up healthy churches that influence their communities and beyond.

Like the new believers in Acts 2, those who have committed their lives to Christ can find a place within the church to devote themselves to learning, fellowship and prayer.

As new disciples grow in these church communities, their influence spreads. Disciples become disciple makers, with some even sent out themselves to serve in cross-cultural ministry.

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