How Much Support Will I Need to Raise?

If you are exploring the idea of becoming a missionary, this question is probably high on your mind. We wish we could give you an easy answer! But the fulfilling work of sharing the gospel isn’t like making cogs in a factory—missionaries have different needs and serve in diverse parts of the world, and this affects their salary.

When you become a missionary with SEND International, we will team you up with a missions coach who will take these factors into account to create your customized budget:

  • The size of your family
  • The cost of living where you plan to serve
  • Daily travel needs (Car? Public transportation? Just your feet?)
  • International travel costs
  • Work expenses
  • Children’s education (if applicable)
  • The cost of health and life insurance and retirement
  • Taxes
  • Fee for home office functions
  • Set-up needs (often one lump sum that is raised before you go)

Your mission coach’s guidance will help you build a partner team who will pray for you and give one-time or ongoing donations to cover your budget. Your missions coach will join you on every step of the support-raising journey. When you feel stuck, your coach will be there to offer fresh ideas; when you reach your goal, your coach will be there to celebrate like crazy with you.

SEND also offers personalized promotional materials, training sessions, and many channels through which your donors can give.

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The idea of raising support can feel strange—maybe even scary. But missionaries often say that watching God put together a support team ends up being a huge blessing. His timing always proves perfect. He will delight you with unexpected partners, and he will provide in ways you couldn’t have imagined!

Financial partners consider it a privilege to give. They may not be in a position to serve cross-culturally, but through their support of you, they can purposefully invest in the Kingdom. Meaningful connections grow out of this process, and you’ll discover with the joy of knowing that you have a community of people and churches behind you as you reach the unreached. 

To connect with a missions coach and explore how to serve with SEND, click here.