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Ukrainians, International students
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Ukrainian Orthodox
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What does it mean to model a cross-cultural vision of the Gospel to believers who have already served well in their own culture and community? What does it look like to work in God’s harvest alongside coworkers whose passport doesn’t look like yours? These are some of the questions God is helping SEND Ukraine answer as a decade-long vision to send Ukrainian missionaries from Ukrainian churches is being realized.

Believers who have been reached and discipled are now partnering with SEND Ukraine and Ukrainian churches to share the gospel with the hundreds of unreached people groups that live both across town, in diaspora communities within Ukraine, and across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. SEND Ukraine supports this emerging missions movement through training, guidance, and member care.

Spiritual Climate
Opportunities to engage the unreached abound in Ukraine. More than a million people from more than 30 unreached people groups call Ukraine home, and some parts of the country remain less than 1% evangelical. Ukraine grows more multicultural every day, as students and immigrants arrive looking for education and opportunity. Though committed believers eagerly share the gospel in familiar contexts, the evangelical church still is developing a vision for reaching less-familiar communities.
Team Goals
  • Develop a church-based theological education program to supplement traditional theological education.
  • Launch a church-planting work in a major unreached people group.
  • Start a strategic new church plant among Ukrainians in an unreached region.
  • Decide the best missionary-sending platform for the Ukrainian evangelical church and participate in its formation.
  • Expand ministry to marginalized people as a stimulus to Ukrainian churches. 
Life in Ukraine

In Ukraine, you’ll find a fascinating mix: ancient and modern, urban and rural, scientific and intuitive. Lately, long-held passions for both political freedom and stability characterize many people’s view of modern Ukraine. Clearly people in this ancient land tend to hold numerous values in tension. People in Ukraine often engage others with both curiosity and skepticism, a mix that allows for deep discussions, and requires patient relationship building. Whether you reach out to Ukrainians or to the many other people groups who live here, you’ll experience honest conversations about life, values and spiritual matters. Friendships can take a long time to build, but once trust is established, their roots run deep.

SEND Ukraine desires to build teams that thrive in their communities, deeply impact believers through discipleship and catalyze passion and resolve for God’s global mission. 

Join the SEND team 

Ukraine offers opportunities both to reach others for Christ yourself, and to equip Ukrainian believers as they develop their own view of and commitment to global missions. As you explore becoming a missionary with SEND Ukraine, here are some areas to consider:

  • Character: Do you have a growing love for God, his Word, and others? 
  • Coachability: Are you teachable and committed to life-long learning?
  • Competence: What gifts, skills, and experience have you developed?
  • Calling: How do you see God leading you into global service?
  • Chemistry: How will you contribute to healthy team community? 
SEND's mission coaches help people discover their place in God's plan to reach the nations. Click here to connect with a coach!

Opportunities in Ukraine

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Engage Ukraine Internship Opportunity
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Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Project in Ukraine

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