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Making disciples among the unreached

SEND North Articles

#125 No Lone Rangers:  

#124 Winter 2018 Newsletter: our eastward expansion.  

#123 No Ordinary River: a baptism story.  

#122 The Merger: a key piece of our history!  

#121 Disciple Making In The Rough: God is a master sculpture. 

#120 Teacher Interview: Teachers are a vital part of our team.

#119 Northern Ministry Training: Ministry burnout prevention.

#118 Too Shy: God can use anyone

#117 People Work: Ministry is more than 9 to 5.

#116 Planes, Train, and: Travel is a challenge

#115 Summer Camp is Calling: A camp counselor's testimony.

#114 KAMP: Jail is not the end of the road. 

#113 Even in Darkness:  God is present and working in darkness.

#112 Diaspora in the North:  Urban ministry in the Far North.

#111 Alpha:  God moves in prison.

#110 Baptism at 20 Below:  Creativity is required for ministry up here.

#109 Nunavut:  Ministry in the beautifully extreme of the far, far north!

#108 SEND NORTH Newsletter, Winter 2017: The first of our quarterly updates.

#107 Prepared For Battle:  Spiritual warfare takes many forms.

#106 Between Two Worlds:  Native youth struggle to find their place in two worlds. 

#105 Alaska Christian Ministries: 40 Years of life-changing ministry.

#104 Arctic Barnabas Ministries: Get to know a partner in Far North Ministry.  

#103 A Teacher's Influence:  We need teachers on our team.

#102 Just Getting Started:  A look back to our founder and what God has next for us. 

#101 What Camp Taught Me:  The lessons learned by a volunteer camp counselor. 

#100 Far North Opportunities:  Consider joining us.  

#99 A Beauty Unparalleled:  God transforms a wounded heart at Bible Camp.

#98 Close Encounters:  God is opening many doors to reach those in isolation.

#96 The Effort:  Summer Bible camps are a vital ministry.

#95 Plane Faith:  How we use aviation, especially in the summer.

#94 Fill The Window:   Let's fill the 60/70 window filled with local disciple-makers.

#93 Soaring on God's Provision.  A new aircraft for God's Glory.

#92 Be a Disciple Maker.  Organic, Jesus like disciple-making.

#91 Church Planter or Disciple Maker?  Which is easier? 

#90 On The Road Again:  Travel challenges of life in the Far North. 

#89 Making Northern Disciple-Makers:  Our new vision statement.

#88 Off The Grid:  Why do people choose to live in isolation?

#87 Not Forgotten:  Encouragement during the emotional struggle.

#86  Thank You Wold Magazine:  Three powerful articles featuring God's work through us.

#85  A Powerful Partnership:  The servant life of Carolyn King.

#84  Awaken:  An annual youth retreat that is changing lives.

#83  Find out:  Always keep an eye out to where God is leading you next.

#82  Fasting for Life:  September 8th is a “Day of Prayer and Fasting for Life”. 

#81  Pray for Dirt:  The power of a specific request.  

#80  More Than One Way:  A ministry perspective.

#79  Crossing Cultures:  A German perspective on village life.

#78  Recharge:  The important role of the Annual Conference.

#77  Reflections on Sight:  An intern's reflections on the struggle of young Christians.

#76  Get Away:  Isolation has a deep impact on northern ministry.

#75  In Case of Emergency:  The value of our network when disaster strikes.

#74  Be a Learner:  The necessary attitude when ministering across cultures.
#73  Total Team Effort:  All that goes into ministry in Alaska and Northern Canada.

#72  Boundaries:  The balance of ministry and raising a family in the Far North.

#71  The Real Cost of Living:  The hard numbers showing the challenge of ministry in the 60/70 Window.

#70  VFR:  We walk by Faith and not by sight.

#69  Urban vs. Rural:  Introducing our urban ministry initiative.

#68  We Are Not Settlers:  Words of wisdom from our outgoing Area Director, Dr. Barry Rempel.

#67  Medical Ministry:  Treating someone's body opens doors to treating their spirit.  

#66  What's Your Niche:  Highlighting the various roles within SEND North.  Anyone can serve!

#65  Passing the Baton:  The resignation of Barry Rempel as our Area Director.

#64  Community Thankfulness:  A community's response to a near Thanksgiving food shortage.

#63  Preacher to the Rescue:  National Geographic captured one of our teammates in action.

#62  Ministry Twister:  This classic party game resembles ministry.

#61  Cradle to Grave:  The impact of a funeral in a small village.

#60  Costumes:  How another culture views our autumn celebrations.

#59  Let Your Light Shine:  The challenges facing believers in small villages.

#58  Suicide Story:  Suicide pacts devastate communities.

#57  One Year Later:  Update one year after entering Yellowknife NWT.

#56  Jesus in the 60/70 Window:  Explanation of our mission statement.

#55  The 60/70 Window:  Overview of This region and the cultural challenges.

#54  The Filipino Connection:  A vision igniting trip with Filipino leadership.

#53  Five Canadian Communities:  The 2016 open invitation to five communities.

#52  Cultural Iceberg:  Culture is big and mostly hidden so caution is needed in ministry.

#51  All Aboard:  Our connection with The Seaman's Mission.

#50  Summer Camp:  A guest blog from a Covenant Church volunteer about summer camp.

#49  AAD:  Meet our Assistant Area Director, Jim Stamberg.

#48  Catching Fire:  The record-setting wildfire season in the Far North.

#47  To Save A Life:  The impact of youth ministry.

#46  Big City Living:  The impact of moving the SEND North HQ into Anchorage.

#45  Come Back:  The impact of home-service on a village.

#44  Full Cast and Crew:  All the roles within SEND North.

#42  Going Global:  The role of SEND International in our ministry.

#43  Regional Ministry House:  An appeal to strengthen a ministry hub.

#41  Marketing Ministry:  Introducing Steven Hall and Daryl Carlson.

#40  It Has Been Challenging:  Helping a community with a damaged school.

#39  Warm Winter Woes:  climate change is having a big impact on life in the north.

#38  Hindsight is 20/20:  A letter from 1963 reminds us to keep facing new challenges.

#37  Fill in the Gaps:  Prayer for the potential of new Canadian ministries.  

#36  Meet Our Area Director:  Get to know Dr. Barry Rempel.

#35  Take A Vision Trek:  A life-changing, week-long journey to explore SEND North's world.

#34  Watch Your Step:  The struggle to stand strong over the long haul.

#33  Sow the Seed:  Persevering when the harvest doesn't come.

#32  In It For The Long Haul:  What we do so our team thrives over the long haul.

#31  Live Across The Nation:  Mission Network News picked up on our passion.

#30  Looking Forward:  The challenges ahead for 2015.

#29  Manger Invasion:  The Manger is a motivation for ministry sacrifices.

#28  Evangelism Alaskan Style:  A shotgun shooting contest for outreach. 

#26  Anonymous:  Why don't we share too many details online?

#25  Lost:  God saved two families from their worst nightmare.

#24  Stay Warm:  The battle to keep warm in the winter. 

#23  Fly By Pastor:  A day of itinerate preaching. 

#22  Life and Death:  Salvation and tragedy in one week's time.

#21  Oh, ...Canada?:  Life and ministry in Canada.

#20  One Women's Journey, Part 4:  The story of God's calling one woman into ministry from childhood through arrival in an Alaskan village.

#19  A Prisoner Reconciled:  Practical Postive Parenting's impact on a Prisioner.

#18  Blow The Horn:  That which is worth celebrating. 

#17  One Women's Journey, Part 3

#16  One Women's Journey, Part 2

#15  One Women's Journey, Part 1

#14  People vs Projects:  An example of the proper ministry perspective.

#13 A Tale of Two Churches:  Two churches' impact on one village.

#12  A Church Growing in the Woods:  A remote church's expansion project.

#11  Disaster Area:  The second flood battle in the Far North.

#10  Flash Flood:  The first of two floods to strike our ministries within one week.

#9   Mushing:  Part of Alaskan Life.

#8   Expectations or Expectancy:  Waiting on God to take action.

#7   Bush Shopping:  How to buy groceries when one lives in 'the bush'.

#6   Cold Weather and the Stove:  How to use a stove as a thermometer.  

#5   Year End Report:  Oppositions and Opportunities in 2012

#4   Home for the Holidays:  Christmas celebrations for one community in the 60/70 Window.

#3   It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint:  Ministry takes a long term commitment.

#2   Let It Snow:  The important role of snow in our lives.

#1    A Full-Scale Battle:  Ministry is fought on our knees.