Community/Education Development Leader - Macedonia

community development education leadership
Engage in holistic discipleship through the integration of your professional skills in education and your Christian faith with educators and education officials in the Balkans.
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years)

Help to shape, develop, and implement long-term initiatives to bring system-level transformation to education. Develop lasting relationships with educators, thought leaders, and policy makers in which you can demonstrate the relevance of the Christian faith to developing healthy schools and communities. By making a long-term investment in learning the local language and culture, and serving with sustained professional excellence, you will position yourself to be an agent of change in a complex culture that is resistant to change.  You will be working as part of a church planting team.

Specific Qualifications:

Professional credentials and experience in early childhood or elementary education; experience in education policy and teacher training programs; solid theology of work; mindset of continual learning and growth in the cross-cultural application of business, theology, and discipleship.

Duration: More than 4 years