D House Tokyo Internship - Japan - Youth Ministry

Opp ID: 081916JA
discipleship youth ministry tokyo japan internship
Discipleship opportunity and internship for those who want to gain experience with youth ministry in Japan.
Country: Asia, Japan
Term: Short-Term (1-3 months)
*Please note: the next D House program is projected to start in fall 2022.

Come to Japan and be discipled in youth ministry by SEND missionaries who have had many years of experience in discipling youth. You will be involved in a discipleship ministry among junior high and high school students as you are being taught how to disciple others.

Discipleship Opportunities:
  • Local church youth groups
  • Youth ministry organizations
  • Camps (usually only in the May session of D House)
  • Youth rallies
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Basic Japanese language learning
Specific Qualifications:
  • At least one year out of high school
  • Can be a single or a couple
  • No Japanese required
  • English fluency
  • Live with a missionary as you engage in learning and ministry together with the other D House participants
  • There are opportunities for academic internships. Please contact us for more details.