D House Tokyo Internship - Japan - Youth Ministry

Opp ID: 081916JA
discipleship youth ministry tokyo japan internship
Discipleship opportunity and internship for those who want to gain experience with youth ministry in Japan.
Country: Asia, Japan
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
Come to Japan and be discipled in youth ministry by SEND missionaries who have had many years of experience in discipling youth. You will be involved in a discipleship ministry among junior high and high school students as you are being taught how to disciple others.

Discipleship Opportunities:
  • Local church youth groups
  • Youth ministry organizations
  • Camps (usually only in the May session of D House)
  • Youth rallies
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Basic Japanese language learning
Specific Qualifications:
  • At least one year out of high school
  • Can be a single or a couple
  • No Japanese required
  • English fluency
  • Live with a missionary as you engage in learning and ministry together with the other D House participants
  • There are opportunities for academic internships.  Please contact us for more details.

Duration of trip: 3 months
2021: starts in January and May