Economic Development Leader - Macedonia

Opp ID: 041818EHG
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Use your business experience to help develop and lead ongoing and future initiatives for businesses in Macedonia. These businesses can range from locally owned startups to more significant international ventures.
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years)
Engage in holistic discipleship through the integration of your business expertise and Christian faith with peers in the Balkans. Help to shape and execute a long-term effort to bring sustained economic development in the Balkans, through micro, small and medium business development and business training. By making a long-term investment in learning the local language and culture, you will have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with business people by demonstrating what it looks like to follow Christ and think Christianly in business. In a country where change comes very slowly, we are seeking business people and professionals who will embed themselves in the local context, listen well, and respond in grace and truth to economic challenges facing the region.  You would also be part of a local church planting team.
Specific Qualifications:
  • Professional credentials and experience in business or economic development
  • Experience in training or coaching others in business; solid theology of work
  • Mindset of continual learning and growth in the cross-cultural application of business, theology, and discipleship