Healthcare Development Consultant/Trainer - Macedonia

healthcare development consultant
Join in the work in Macedonia through the integration of your healthcare expertise and Christian faith.
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Be a part of a long-term effort to improve maternal and child health in the area, which has the highest infant mortality in Europe, or engage in other aspects of health systems and health policy development. There are opportunities to teach specific skills and topics to doctors and nurses in maternal and child health, as well as opportunities to consult with public health leaders on how to design and deliver better healthcare that is patient-centered and upholds the sanctity of human life. We are seeking doctors, nurses, and public health professionals in the area of maternal and child health, family medicine, as well as health systems consultants and executives.  For the mid-term position, you would be working as part of a church planting team.

Specific Qualifications:
Clinical credentials and experience in maternal and child health (pediatrics, OBGYN, family medicine); public health and health systems experience. 

Duration: Either short term (1-2 weeks) or mid term (1-2 years)